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Structural Design Drafting offers wide range of value added construction and engineering services like Building Information Modeling, 4 D Modeling for proper estimation on the steel structure or any other physical structure, 4D construction Modeling services, Construction Analysis to properly scrutinize all the material estimations of the construction site, structural drafting services, structural drafting design services, structural steel drafting services and many more. We have enough man power to support extensive big industrial and residential project and deliver our best in it.

Structural Design Drafting is an engineering design provided firm that offers multiple structural designs from CAD Drafting, 2D Drafting, 3d Modeling to fourth dimension Building Information Modeling 4d services. Our construction analysis services help construction engineers and architects to properly guide their field personnel and reduce cost by almost 20 % by reducing errors or omissions in constructing site. We are known for prompt delivery and quick turnaround engineering design service offering firm that delivers Structural drafting services and Structural BIM Services to all our premium clients across all the countries of the globe.

Services offered by Structural Design Drafting:
  • Revit Building Information Modeling
  • 4D BIM services
  • Structural Steel BIM Services
  • BIM Structural Engineering services
  • BIM Revit Structure services
  • Revit structure services for Residential and Industrial Projects
  • 3D Building Information Modeling services
  • 2D Structural Drafting services
  • Structural CAD Drafting designs
  • Construction analysis and estimates for Beam, column, Foundation, Bolt and Screw and for every purpose included in the list of construction.

Structural Design Drafting serve its clients base with the engineering and structural drafting designs that are used to create long lasting structure with proper analysis of the construction specification and requirements send by the client. We focused on client specifications, requirements and drawings provided by the client to furnish structural designs, draftings and modeling. We at Structural design drafting delivers quality Structural steel detailing and drafting services to all our industrial clients who are looking to build their industrial workshop strong and long lasting.

Structural BIM Services

Structural Design Drafting has added fourth dimension modeling services known as Structural BIM Services in our existing services and offerings that add value to clients requirements and specifications. We would include all building information modeling services that are to be considered in the engineering and construction so that you can come to know which things are considered and which are not.

Construction Analysis

We at Structural Design Drafting offers proper analysis and estimates of each and every minor and major thing including cost of the screw and the cost of the construction in the construction analysis so that you can come to know whole cost of construction before the work actually starts on the building.

Structural 4D Modeling Services

We have enough manpower and state of art technology to support big projects who require services for structural 4 D Modeling services. In structural 4 D Modeling services, we include full construction analysis and estimates of each and every work in detail.

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