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Structural Design Drafting offers wide range of Green Building and Environmental consulting services to all type of project types including hotels, residential, commercials, institutions, NGOs, Conventional Centers, and Health Care Facilities. We at Structural Design Drafting deliver high end consulting services including Building Sustainability and Environmental Assessment and Audits. We design Green Building designs and Renewable Energy Solutions, Green Building Models, Green Building Concept and Building Sustainable designs for all its pioneer clients.

We at Structural Design Drafting have environmental assessors and auditors that worked on many ASHRAE and LEED Projects in order to save energy and building designs that are ecologically balanced and eco friendly. We provide consultancy and Ecological Building Solution, Ecological Building Design, Eco Green Building Solutions that not only help you save energy in the long run but can enable you to be eco friendly for the long run. We also deliver Green Building Information Modeling that gives you accurate bill of material estimation and the cost of construction for green building including bolt and nails and scheduling.

Service Prepositions
  • Energy Assessments and Audits
  • Green Building Designs
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Green Building Solutions
  • Sustainable Energy Building Solutions
  • Green Building Certification
  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy Simulation
  • Eco Green Building Solutions

We at Structural Design Drafting have enough man power and resources to deploy on large extensive projects and make your dreams come true with the Green Building Designs and Eco Green Building Solutions. Our personnel have the sound experience in Environmental Assessments and Audits including green building designs and solutions that work best for you and keeping impact of the construction on Environment. We build designs keeping in consideration American Standards and Codes for Green Building.

We promise and ensure that the construction spread negligible impact on the environment during the construction with our Renewable Energy Solutions. We at Structural Design Drafting creates high end green building models and green building solutions that enable you to certify your construction and green building model on LEED as we create the designs as per the ASHRAE standards and norms keeping all the consideration and norms kept by the American Building Authority.

We also help to remodel designs on Green Building standards to certify your construction and Building remodeling on ASHRAE American standards and get LEED Certifications. LEED Certifications is issued by Green Building Council on successful applications, document attached and after review. Many new buildings that are constructed on American earth require LEED Certification to certify the construction and start construction on site. We at Structural Design Drafting provides Green Building Solutions to help you to certify your construction and get Green Building Certifications i.e LEED Certification compliance with all American standards and norms from designing to engineering.

If you are looking for Green Building certifications then you are at right place to opt best for your constructions. Call us now for FREE Quote!!!

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